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How it works?

You make an order on our web site, describing your item and repairs needed in a simple and friendly process, and pay in advance. You would specify the desired pickup and delivery place and time. Our courier will come by to pick up your item, and then bring it back - fixed. A standard repair takes one day. If anything needs clarification, we get in touch.

How much does it cost?

The price is fixed depending on the works required, our packages start as low as $35. You can also select custom repairs, and purchase recommended care products. Delivery is free, but we charge tax where applicable.

Where are you located?

Our workshop is located in the heart of Manhattan, on 28 Liberty Street, New York, 10005.

How long are you in business?

We have been healing shoes in New York for 25 years; but before expanding to America we've had decades of successful operation in Central Asia. Our founder alone has 55 years of experience behind his back; he comes from a family of cobblers/shoemakers in Uzbekistan, where they founded a factory that once employed 400 workers. Read more in About Us

What are your guarantees?

Our guarantees are outlined in Terms and Conditions, but basically we guarantee you a personal attention to your item by one of our skilled crafstmen, usage of high quality materials and traditional techniques we carry from our ancestors, tested by centuries and improved by modern technologies and constant striving for perfection. 

What is your refund policy?

We offer full refund if you are not happy with the results. Please get in touch, and we'll work it out for you. We strive to bring complete satisfaction to our clients.

What shipping method do you use?

For all local (located in the NYC area) pickups and deliveries we use our local courier, which is complimentary/free. For shipments outside of New York City we use USPS.

What are the shipping costs for repairs?

For local pickups and deliveries in New York City there is no fee. For out of NYC, USPS shipping costs apply.

What if you conclude the repair cannot be done successfully?

We will return your item for free - if you are in New York City area. Otherwise, the standard USPS shipping costs will apply.

When will my credit card be charged for my order?

After we estimate the cost of the order we will send you an invoice, and it has to be paid prior to us shipping your items back 

How long does it take to get your repair items back?

In the New York City the usual turn-around time is 24 hours or less, unless the order requires customization. For shipments outside of the New York City area it will take up to 5 business days (unless the order requires customization).

What kind of materials do we use?

We use some of the best materials world wide. We import materials from Italy, Germany, Brazil, and England. 

Can I drop off the shoes myself?

Yes, you can drop off your shoes at our workshop at 169 W23 Street, New York, NY 10011.

Do you fix name brand items?

Yes, we fix name brand items, including belt buckles, bag accessories, briefcase accessories and shoes.

Do you restore vintage items?

Yes, we restore vintage items. Our seasoned professionals use some of the most traditional methods in the world, and are able to restore any leather item.